Keynote Address

Tim Dunlop

Author, Speaker, Commentator


Tim Dunlop is a best-selling author, an in-demand public speaker, and a regular contributor to The Guardian Australia and other magazines and newspapers. His work has been published around the world and in translation. He speaks and writes on matters to do with media, politics, and technology and the future of work. He is also a subject coordinator at the postgraduate Centre for Advancing Journalism at the University of Melbourne. Tim has a background in business and a PhD in Communications/Political Philosophy. He speaks at international conferences and events and is often used as a ‘thought catalyst’ to inject a fresh, future-focused perspective into proceedings.

Session 1 – Universal Social Protection and Guarantee of Rights

Joohee Lee

Professor of Ewha Woman‘s University


Joohee Lee is a Professor of Sociology at Ewha Womans University in South Korea. Before joining the faculty at Ewha Sociology Department, she was a research fellow at the Korea Labor Institute (KLI). She received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her major research interests are gender and nonstandard work, changing industrial relations in a global economy, and industrial democracy at the workplace. Her books include The High Road Social Rights (2012, Humanitas; in Korean), The New Structure of Labor Relations: Tripartism and Decentralization (2004, Cornell Univ. Press, with Harry C. Katz and Wonduck Lee), and The Korean Trade Union Movements in the 21st Century (2002, Hanul Press; in Korean), which received 2003 Book of Excellence Award from the National Academy of Sciences, Korea. Professor Lee has served on many government committees, including the National Economic and Advisory Council, Minimum Wage Commission, the Presidential Committee for Quality of Life, and Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Job Commission.

Session 1 – Universal Social Protection and Guarantee of Rights

Aline Cardoso

Municipal Secretary of Economic Development and Labor


Aline Cardoso is an International Affairs professional. She has been in this sector for the 15 years stimulating investments and exports, as well as promoting technical cooperation between national companies and foreign.

She worked in the São Paulo State Government, in the São Paulo City Council and the São Paulo Legislative Assembly, where she could work formulating and implementing public policies.

Aline founded in 2008 the ORBIZ, a consultant for business development and international projects, and work until 2017, when she won an election to be a Councilor of São Paulo City.

In 2017, she accepted an invitation from the Mayor to be the head of the Secretariat for Economic Development of São Paulo City. The Secretariat has the objective to expand the jobs position and income of the city, with entrepreneurship, sustainable local development, food security and professional qualification, aiming at a creative economy and in line with 4.0 Industry.

Session 1 – Universal Social Protection and Guarantee of Rights

Johanna Loukaskorpi

Deputy Mayor, City of Tampere


Johanna Loukaskorpi (Social Democratic Party) was elected as the deputy mayor of the welfare service area’s committees in the Tampere City Council on 12.6.2017.

Her education is Master of Arts and she has worked 2,5 years as a deputy mayor of the city of Tampere. Her area of responsibility is early childhood education, basic education, culture and leisure services and social and healthcare services. Before being elected as a deputy mayor Loukaskorpi worked over 10 years as a student counselor and Finnish language and literature teacher in basic education.

Loukaskorpi was elected as a member in the Tampere City Council in 2009. Tampere is the third largest city in Finland.

Session 1 – Universal Social Protection and Guarantee of Rights

Sung Man Suh

Director-General of Labor & Livelihood security Policy Bureau


Director General Suh majored administrative studies at Konkuk University and completed a graduate school program at the same university. He joined the government after passing the 35th national administrative exam. Following his experience in Administrative Services, Housing Policy Office, he became Director General for Pedestrian Friendly Affairs at Urban Transport Bureau and Chief of Cultural Facilities at the Cultural Bureau. From July 2019, he is serving as Director General of Labor& Livelihood Security Policy Bureau. Director General has implemented many policies that cater to many Seoul citizens, aiming to make Seoul a democratic economy where labor is respected and ordinary people feel at peace and a city free from all labor rights violations.

Session 1 – Universal Social Protection and Guarantee of Rights

Jane Taylor

Head of Service for Employment, Skills and Learning


I have worked in local authority adult education and skills for over 30 years. My initial pathway was through teaching – following secondary school training, I followed a career pathway into adult education – teaching in Stockholm, then in Bristol. I developed specialist knowledge and experience in the field of community education, including English for Speakers of Other Languages, Adult Basic Education and Returning to Learning programmes. In recent years my service portfolio has extended to include employment support, apprenticeships, and post 16 pathways. Working as a senior leader in lifelong learning is a rewarding development journey. I enjoy working in a local government setting where change is the norm – helping individuals that use my services or who work in my teams to develop their skills and to fulfil their potential. In my free time I keep fit through badminton, hiking and running. I am also a volunteer for the Cinnamon Trust which involves volunteer dog walking.

Session 2 - Decent Wage and Equal Opportunities in the Labor Market

Hyewon Kwon

Professor of Dongduk Women's University


Academic Degree
Ph. D. School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University, 2010
M.A. Sociology, Seoul National University, 1998.
B.A. Sociology, Korea University, 1992

- Associate Professor, Dept. of Business Studies, Dongduk Women’s University
- Vice President, Korean Association of Labor Studies
- Executive Director, Korean Academy of Organization and Management
- Member of Presidential Commission on Policy Planning
- Non-executive director, Korea Employment Information Service
- Non-executive director, Dasan Call Foundation of City of Seoul

Research Areas
Comparative Labor Relations Studies, Labor Market Dualization, Service Sector Employment in Korea, Gender Inequality.

Session 2 - Decent Wage and Equal Opportunities in the Labor Market

Lisa Slazar

Workforce Development Policy Director


Lisa T. Salazar is a Policy Director for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, overseeing his agenda for workforce development, education career pathways, and veteran suicide prevention. Her primary responsibilities include the development and advancement of career opportunities in high-growth industries for vulnerable populations, with an emphasis on cross-system collaboration. Salazar has two decades of experience crafting and implementing public policy on job training and skills development, youth and adult employment, economic development, education access in K-16, equity, and the future of work. Her extensive experience also includes leading large-scale systems change to achieve data-driven results, as well as improving government services through participatory leadership and strategic thinking. Previously, Salazar was the lead administrator of the Youth Workforce Development System in the City of Los Angeles' Economic and Workforce Development Department. Salazar holds a Master’s degree in Executive Leadership from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational and Industrial Psychology from Saint Mary's College of California.

Session 2 - Decent Wage and Equal Opportunities in the Labor Market

Andy Foster

Mayor of Wellington


Andy Foster was first elected to Wellington City Council in 1992 before successfully running for Mayor this year.
He graduated from at Victoria University with a BA in History and Economic History and BComm in Business Management.
Before becoming a Councillor, Andy worked in finance and investment, as a secondary school teacher and environmental and economic research.
Andy has chaired a range of major WCC committees, is a director of Wellington Airport and is President of the New Zealand Traffic Institute.
Andy is one of the founding trustees of Zealandia (Karori Sanctuary Trust) and was later appointed as a Guardian. Today he is a regular volunteer. He also chairs the Karori Park Sports Club and the Karori Brooklyn Community Charitable Trust. Last year he established the Karori Kaitaki (Kaka) Environment Restoration Group.
He’s a vice president of Waterside Karori AFC, and after being a long time member of WKAFC now plays for Island Bay. He is a passionate Phoenix and Saints supporter. Andy has lived in Wellington since childhood. He lives in Karori with wife Ann and their two children.

Session 2 - Decent Wage and Equal Opportunities in the Labor Market

Martin Bernard

Desk Officer for Korea, Japan and Oceania of the Ministry of International Relations and La Francophonie


M. Bernard is international advisor at the Ministry for 12 years, in charge of the India for 4 years, then New York for more than 5 years before heading Japan desk in mars 2017. He holds an MBA in international management, and is a member of the Society of Actuaries. He worked from 1987 to 2007 for the Quebec Pension Board as a social security actuary, with an international focus, on demographic, financial, and social issues. During that period, M. Bernard worked for the International Labour Office in Geneva for 20 months. He carried out social security actuarial valuations throughout the world (Koweit, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, Niger, Iran). He worked as a consultant for La Caisse de Dépôt et Placement (2000, Algeria) and CRC Sogema (2003, Democratic Republic of Congo). He speaks fluently French and English.

Session 2 - Decent Wage and Equal Opportunities in the Labor Market

Lynn Collins

Strategic Relations and Engagement Advisor


Lynn was appointed at the Regional Secretary of the Trades Union Congress in 2013, and is the first woman to hold this position. On his elections at the Metro mayor of Liverpool City Region in 2017, Steve Rotheram appointed Lynn as a Mayoral Advisor on Equalities, and as Chair of the innovative Fairness and Social Justice Advisory Board. IN 2019 , Lynn began a secondment to Liverpool City Region Combined Authority where she is supporting work on tackling poverty, developing a Fair Employment Charter, and enhancing links with the Social and Solidarity Economies

Session 3 - Realizing a Safe and Healthy Workplace for All

Byoung-Hoon Lee

Professor of Chung-Ang university


- Feb. 1984: BA in the Dept. of Sociology, Seoul National University
- Jan. 1994: MS in Industrial & Labor Relations School, Cornell University
- Jan. 1997: Ph. D. in Industrial & Labor Relations School, Cornell University

Major Career
- 1996-2000: Research Fellow in Korea Labor Institute
- 1997-2015: Public Interest Representative & Expert Fellow in Tripartite Commission
- 2003-2005: Chair of Labor Committee, CCEJ
- 2007-2009: Chair of Fair Labor Committee, PSPD
- 2014-2015: Joint Section Chair and Labor Representative in National Commission of Public Servant Pension Reforms
- 2015- 2017: Chair of Seoul Workers Right Enhancement Commission
- 2017- 2018: President of Korea Labor & Employment Relations Association; Chair of Employment Labor Administration Reforms Commission
- 2015- Now: Honorary Editorialist in KBS
- 2017- Now: President of Public Workers Solidarity Funds
- 2019- Now: President of Public Sector Commission, Economic, Social and Labor Commission

A number of books and journal papers, including Trade Unions and Worker Representation in Asia-Pacific Regions (2019), Temporary Agency Work and Globalization (2015), Not a President, Nor a Worker (2013), “Winning Conditions of Precarious Workers’ Struggles: a Reflection Based on Case Studies from South Korea”(2017), "Job Mobility of Non-regular Workers in Segmented Labor Markets"(2017), “Empirical Analysis of Polarized Job Quality”(2016),

Session 3 - Realizing a Safe and Healthy Workplace for All

Carolee C. Kubo

City and County of Honolulu Department of Human Resources Director


Carolee C. Kubo was appointed as the Director of the Department of Human Resources (DHR) for the City and County of Honolulu in January 2013 by Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

DHR is the Central Personnel agency and Charter requires the department to establish a personnel management program based on merit principles and generally accepted methods governing the classification of positions, employment, conduct, movement and separation of employees.

DHR’s administration includes the Equal Opportunity program who monitors compliance with federal, state, and city laws related to discrimination complaints. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Branch is responsible for managing the City’s HR, Financial and Budget Project.

There are four major Divisions in DHR:
1. Classification and Pay: Plans, develops and administers classification and pay plans.
2. Employment and Personnel Services: Administers recruitment, examination, referral, personnel transactions and employee benefits programs. They oversee the drug and alcohol testing program, the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the information privacy program.
3. Industrial Safety and Workers’ Compensation: Administers a citywide safety and accident prevention program and the City’s self-insured Workers’ Compensation program.
4. Labor Relations and Training: Administers the labor relations, personnel development and training programs, negotiate and enforce contracts, conducts grievance hearings and advocate arbitration cases.

Session 3 - Realizing a Safe and Healthy Workplace for All

Colleen Bridger

Assistant City Manager


Colleen Bridger, MPH, PhD was appointed Assistant City Manager on July 16, 2019. She has oversight of the Metropolitan Health District, Parks and Recreation, Office of Equity and Department of Human Services. Previously, she was named director of the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District in March 2017, where she was responsible for implementing policies and programs aimed at improving the health of the population in San Antonio and Bexar County.

Prior to joining Metro Health, Dr. Bridger was director of the Stokes County (1997-2002), Gaston County (2002 – 2010) and Orange County (2011 – 2017) Health Departments in North Carolina. As Health Director, she tackled tough issues like poverty, transportation and access to care and exceeded community goals for reductions in teen pregnancy and infant mortality rates. Under her leadership, the Health Departments won numerous awards including multiple Ralph Ketner awards for Innovation in Government, and multiple GlaxoSmithKline Child Health Recognition awards.

Prior to becoming a local health director she worked as a social worker for Spanish-only speaking pregnant women and as a health systems researcher for the state of North Carolina and international development organizations.

A nationally recognized speaker, trainer and innovations expert, Dr. Bridger has over 20 years of experience in community development and improvement. Education • Bachelor of International Development, School for International Training in Vermont • Master of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill • Ph.D. in Health Services Research, University of North Carolina, Charlotte Professional Memberships and Community Involvement • Former President of the North Carolina Health Directors Association • Adjunct Faculty, Gillings Global School of Public Health, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Personal • Dr. Bridger was raised on a farm in Michigan. She and her husband, Chuck, have two children, Sarah and Charlie.

Session 3 - Realizing a Safe and Healthy Workplace for All

Erzsébet Gy Németh

Deputy Mayor of Budapest


As the Deputy Mayor of Budapest for Human Affairs, she is responsible for performing duties related to culture, education, social policy, youth policy, sports and tourism. With these broad areas, it falls within her duty to supervise the theatres, museums, sports centres, elderly homes and various other institutions.

She has over 30 years of experience working at both local and parliamentary levels of politics. She started her career as a geography teacher, then graduated as a cultural manager; however she developed an early interest of public duties.

She is married, has a son, and has been a member of the General Assembly of Budapest since 1994. She was the fraction leader between 2000 and 2006. From 2002 to 2010, she was a Member of the Hungarian Parliament and Chair of the Committee of Regional Development. She is also a founding member of Democratic Coalition Party, and as the newly appointed deputy mayor, has a vision about Budapest; the metropolitan city of changes.

Session 3 - Realizing a Safe and Healthy Workplace for All

Sam Williamson

Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh, Board Chair


Sam Williamson has been a labor and community leader in Pittsburgh for 13 years, focusing on issues like workers’ rights, affordable housing, climate justice and fighting for a living wage for all workers. Sam Williamson became the Western Pennsylvania Area Leader of 32BJ Service Employees International Union in January 2014. Prior to 2014, Williamson served as Assistant Director for the Western PA district which represents more than 6,500 downtown office cleaners, public school workers and food service workers throughout the region and at Pittsburgh’s largest universities.

Originally from Bethlehem, PA, Williamson got his start in labor as a union hotel waiter in Boston represented by HERE. After a stint as a community organizer for InFact, a corporate accountability group, Sam was hired by his former union, HERE as an organizer. He moved to NYC in 2001 to organize, rep, and bargain for UNITE HERE’s food service local. His first campaign resulted in a landmark win for food service workers at JFK airport. For five years Sam helped lead successful low-wage worker campaigns in corporate cafeterias across Manhattan.

In 2006, Williamson returned to Pennsylvania to run the newly-merged UNITE HERE PA Joint Board in Western PA. As the Joint Board’s Pittsburgh Director, he restructured the union to win strong contracts, grow member activism and consolidate political power. Under Sam’s leadership the Local won landmark worker retention language to protect jobs during future ownership transitions. Sam also successfully organized the Renaissance Hotel, providing a victory for hundreds of workers and ending a nearly decade-long fight.

In 2014, Williamson then became the director of the 6,500 member, 32BJ SEIU Western PA district and coordinates the union’s field and political programs across Western PA. Williamson oversaw the successful organizing campaign of more than 1,000 Pittsburgh security officers who won their first contract in 2015.
Williamson began serving on the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh Board of Directors in January of 2018 and also serves on the board of the League of Conservation Voters Pennsylvania, Allegheny County School Health Insurance Consortium and is a member of the Executive Board of the Allegheny County Labor Council. Sam also co-founded Pittsburgh UNITED, a coalition of community, labor, civil rights, faith and environmental groups united in the fight for social justice in Western PA. Williamson lives in the city’s Friendship neighborhood with his two daughters and partner Nikki Lu.

Session 3 - Realizing a Safe and Healthy Workplace for All

Cristina Pinho

Director of the Department of the Health, Hygiene and Safety


Degree in Ergonomics with Post Graduation in Superior Technician of Safety and Hygiene at Work.
I was coordinator of the Hygiene and Safety Center of the Department of Health, Hygiene and Safety of the Municipality of Lisbon for 8 years, being currently Director of the Health, Hygiene and Safety Department of the City Council from Lisbon since September 2018.

Session 4 - Platform Work and Work of Tomorrow

Byung-You Cheon

Professor of Hanshin University


Professor, Hanshin University, 2009-
Research Fellow, Korea Labor Institute, 1999-2009
Research Fellow at Hyundai Research Institute, Seoul, Korea, 1992-1998
Visiting Fellow, East Asian Center, Cornell University, 2007
Visiting Fellow, Institute ot Industrial Relations, Univ. of California, Berkeley, 1997.
Chairman of the Digital Transformation and the future of Work Committee by Agenda in the Economic, Social, and Labour Committee, 2019-
Vice-Chairman, the Korean Labor Economic Association, 2018-
Chairman, the Korean Social Policy Association, 2016-2017
Advisory Member, Presidential Committee on Job Strategy, 2006
Advisory Member, Presidential Task-force on Labor Reform, 2003

Ph.D. Labor Economics, 1994
Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
Thesis: "A Study of the Skill Structure of Productive Jobs at Korean Manufacturing Industries"
M.S. Labor Economics, 1987
Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
Thesis: "A Study of the Working-conditions of the Heavy-industry Workers in Korea"
B.A. International Economics, 1985
Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Main Fields: Labor Economics, Economics of Social Polices, Economic Development, Political Economy, Korean Economy, East-Asian Economies
Current Research Topics: labour market issues, Income and Wealth Inequalites, Korean Economic Growth System

Siegel, J. I., Pyun, L., & Cheon, B. Y. (2018). Multinational firms, labor market discrimination, and the capture of competitive advantage by exploiting the social divide. Administrative Science Quarterly, 2018, 1–28.
Cheon, Byung You, Jung Joon-ho(2017). Korea 's Wealth Inequality - Focusing on the Inequality Effects of Housing Assets in Korea, USA and Spain. Journal of the Korean Geographical Society, 51 (2), 149-164.(in Korean)
Cheon, Byung You, Jung Joon-ho, Jee Yeon. (2017). A Study on the Factors of Change in Income Inequality since the 1990s. Social Welfare Policy, 44 (2), 29-53.(in Korean).
Cheon, Byung You, Jung Joon-ho, Jee Yeon. (2017). Factor Decomposition of wage inequality change: 2006-2015. Industrial Labor Studies, 23 (2), 47-77.(in Korean)
Cheon, Byung You, Lee, Hyun - Joo, Ji-Youn, Change(2017). A Comparative Study on Inequality Reduction Effect of Cash Basic Income and In - kind Public Service. Social Science Research, 56 (1), 93-118.(in Korean)
Cheon, Byung You, Jung Joon-ho, Se-Eun Eun. (2017). Inequality Effects of Korea 's Economic Openness. Trade Research, 13, 455-474.(in Korean).
Cheon, Byung You. 2014, "Skills Development Strategies and the high road to development in the Republic of Korea". International Labor Orgranization, Tranforming Economies: Making industrial policy work for growth, jobs and development.
Cheon, Byung You. (eds.) 2014, Growing Inequality and Its Impacts in Korea, Bodurim(in Korean)
Cheon, Byung You et al., 2014, “Korea: The Great U-Turn in Inequality and the Need for Social Security Provisions”, in Brian Nolan,Wiemer Salverda,Daniele Checchi,Ive Marx, Abigail McKnight,István György Tóth,Herman G. van de Werfhorst (eds.), Changing Inequalities and Societal Impacts in Rich Countries: Thirty Countries' Experiences, Oxford University Press.

Session 4 - Platform Work and Work of Tomorrow

Afaf Gabelotaud

Deputy Mayor of Paris, Employment Policies


Born on October 9, 1975 in Casablanca, Morocco, Afaf Gabelotaud holds a master degree in sociology from Paris Sorbonne University and a degree in social law. In 2003, she founded a valet service company, located in the 18th district in Paris, which now employs 30 people.
Elected for the first time in 2008 in the 18th district of Paris, she became deputy Mayor of the 18th district Mayor in charge of trade, crafts and economic development, she was re-elected in 2014 and became Paris Councillor. She is also a councillor of Greater Paris.
As part of her mandate, she chaired the AccorHotels Arena from 2015 to 2018 and since 2014 is now President of the Pavillon de l'Arsenal, Vice President of SEMAEST and Administrator of the International Market of Rungis, and since 2019 Vice President of Paris Museums.
In September 2017, she was appointed Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of employment policies and set up a number of innovative vocational training and reintegration support schemes aimed particularly at the most vulnerable: young people, non-graduates , women, people with disabilities, refugees, retraining people. The Mayor of Paris entrusted her with the specific mission of developing job opportunities related to the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris.

Session 4 - Platform Work and Work of Tomorrow

Jong-jin Kim

Korea Labour & Society Institute (KLSI) Vice President


A former sociology major at the Catholic University of Korea and Sungkonghoe University, Kim has been working as a researcher at the Korea Labour & Society Institute(KLSI) since 2003. Kim’s publications to date include Working People in the Age of Polarization, Neither Presidents Nor Workers, Work Shifts and Working Hours, On Emotional Labor in the Service Sector, Contractor-Subcontractor and Labor-Management Relations in the Service Sector, among others. Kim’s topics of research include the service sector, non-regular workers, young and part-time workers, and other groups vulnerable to unfairness at work, as well as working hours, emotional labor, and the labor policies of local governments

Research Paper
Jong-jin Kim(2017),『Seoul Labor Policy -Restoring Labor to Its Proper Place in Society-』, The Seoul Institute.

Session 4 - Platform Work and Work of Tomorrow

Benjamin Holt

Deputy Commissioner, Office of Labor Policy and Standards


Ben has spent more than fourteen years enforcing workers’ labor and employment rights and advocating for better working conditions. Ben has been with the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection since August 2016, first as the Director of Advocacy and Enforcement and now as Deputy Commissioner overseeing the Office of Labor Policy and Standards, which is the largest municipal workplace standards office in the United States. OLPS enforces New York City’s workplace laws and advocates for new policies to promote workplace fairness. Prior to joining DCWP, Ben was an Assistant Attorney general at the New York Attorney General’s Office where he conducted civil and criminal prosecutions of workplace laws to protect minimum labor standards and represented New York State in judgement enforcement and appellate proceedings relating to workers. In addition to his government service, Ben has worked as an attorney in the non-profit sector working closely with labor unions, worker centers, and other community-based organzations in representing low wage immigrant workers, farmworkers, and others on labor and employment claims.